Make product reviews more matter

Collect photo reviews from real buyers, strengthen your brand and boost sales with social proof.

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Review Collector

Collect reviews
on autopilot

Request review from buyers via automated email. Control exactly when, where and what way your buyers can leave their feedback.

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Review Importer

Life-saver for
starter stores

Starting a new store with no reviews? How about getting thousands of real ones for the exact product with just a click!

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On-site Widget

Social proof
that looks great

Showcase your on-site reviews with customizable, rich snippets widget that can help you get more traffic with rating star on Google search result.

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More ways to use ManySales

Lead Generation

Capture more leads & target valuable one on your website via Smart Banner & Sales Pop.

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User Engagement

Precision-targeted engagement at scale with segemented SMS & Email campaigns.

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Automation Flow

Combine multiple channels using a single platform, drive sales on autopilot.

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